Arosa W



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Your urban experience is getting a major upgrade!

Wouldn't it be great if you could walk around town all day, in total comfort, without having to rest because your feet and back are forcing you to?

With kybun - you choose to when to stop - and not because your body forces you to. Walk-on-air in amazing comfort and ease, keeping your feet warm and dry.

Let the freedom of pain-free movement take you on your next adventure in the city.

The kybun Arosa Black W ankle boot boasts an urban style, emphasized by its rounded shaft, silver eyelets and decorative seam. Lacing allows you to perfectly customize the ankle boot’s fit against your foot. Meanwhile, a zipper closing at the side ensures that the boot is easy to put on and take off.
The kybun Arosa is an excellent choice for taking a walk or wandering through the city in the cold weather – keeping your feet perfectly warm and dry.
kybun Arosa Black W: The urban ankle boot

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